In My Mailbox (5) #IMM

In my mailbox is a meme created by Kristi at The Story Siren and inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie. It is a list of what books you have received over the previous week, either for review, from the library, from the bookstore, or from trades.

Hi guys, and welcome to another Sunday. I’ve barely spent any money on books this week, and haven’t really received that many for review either. But I still have a few titles to share. Check ‘em out below:


I’ve already read this one and enjoyed it a lot. Keep an eye out for my review later this week. :)

Loved the cover on this one and the blurb sounded interesting. :)

Another one that has me intrigued by all the reviews and mentions I’ve seen dotted about. Looking forward to delving into this one. :)

I like the feel of this cover, the way everything’s angled differently as though to reflect they’re on different sides of the world. The concept of the blurb really caught my attention, too. :)

NOOOO idea why this one caught my eye *stare*

Another one whose blurb got my notice. Plus I seem to be on some kind of YA binge at the moment, too.

Thought the blurb AND the cover looked pretty cool for this one.

And last but not least


Yeah, I’ll admit, it was the dark, scraggy wings that attracted me. Something about it just looks wholly forbidden. ;)

 All received via NetGalley. Hopefully, I’ll get to these over the next couple of weeks.

That’s all, folks!

How about you guys? What’s in your mailbox this week?

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